It seems 6ix9ine has found himself an unlikely ally: the teenage boy he allegedly choked at a Texas mall earlier this year.

TMZ reports that the alleged victim, 16-year-old Santiago Albarran, voluntarily attended the rapper’s Thursday assault hearing in Houston. Though the teen did not make any formal statements during his appearance, he reportedly told 6ix9ine’s lawyer that he didn’t want the rapper to be prosecuted. 

According to attorney Carl Moore, Albarran said he also told prosecutors about his wishes; however, it appears that his support for 6ix9ine has had little to no impact on the case, as it is still moving forward.

Shortly after the hearing, Albarran caught up with the “Fefe” artist in a courthouse hallway and even posed for a photo together.

6ix9ine’s alleged assault on Albarran occurred Jan. 6 at Houston’s Galleria Mall. Video appears to shows 6ix9ine putting his hands on the teen, as the rapper’s security surrounded them. Albarran eventually reported the incident to the police, claiming the Brooklyn rapper had choked him. He also shared photos of the neck injuries he allegedly sustained during the altercation.About six months later, 6ix9ine was arrested in NYC over an outstanding Texas warrant for misdemeanor assault.

The arrest was a violation of the rapper's ongoing probation sentence, which stems from a 2015 case in which he pleaded guilty to use of a child in a sexual performance.