Wale, who like many other passengers was stranded on the runway when he was set to fly to Los Angeles, took to Twitter to blast American Airlines.

At first, Wale started tweeting about his experience and airing out his frustrations. But from there on out, it got a lot worse as American Airlines employees allegedly began to racially profile the 33-year-old rapper.

"Stuck on the runway AGAIN," he tweeted on Sept. 16, telling his followers it was the 5th time this has happened to him recently. "My flight to L.A. was 5pm... We still ain't take off yet." Shortly after, he revealed that the flight was canceled.

When American Airlines' Twitter account asked him about his experiences, Wale responded, "How about your employees Megumi and Don told me, 'ur not supposed to be in first class I'm calling the police.'"

He doubled down on the accusation of racism, adding, "Y'all racist and I wanna know what happens now."

Wale previously blasted United Airlines on social media back in 2016 for racial profiling.