Russ has been making headlines a lot recently, sparking conversation for allegedly having both Smokepurpp and podcaster Adam22 jumped. The latest to criticize the 25-year-old rapper for having his crew do his dirty work is Atlanta producer Southside, who previously called him out after he claimed that producers were at fault for "the state of hip-hop" today.

During an Instagram live session, Southside decided to give his thoughts on the situation, offering Russ a warning. "Listen bro, just cause you had some n****s do some pushin' shit, and jump on a young n***a, stop playin', before somebody fuck around and really get killed, or somebody die, bro," he said. "You running your mouth a little too much, like you really bout that bullshit. You ain't bout none of that bullshit."


#southside speaks on #russ having his hittas handling his issues

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He doesn't stop there, either, telling Russ to stick to making music for "the little white kids," while warning him that no one likes a snitch. It doesn't seem as if he's threatening him with violence, but instead letting him know that he might be in over his head.

Earlier this year, Southside made his feelings on Russ evident, saying, "Don't speak on black producers at all, and I'm gonna say this shit the last time because you're not black, don't speak on black producers, bro."