Maroon 5? Like, the group with that lead singer Adam Levine?! Ever since reports surfaced that Maroon 5 was being tapped to perform at halftime of Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, many were left scratching their heads. The confusion starts with the league's decision to bypass the many hip-hop artists who would jump at the opportunity to take the stage in their hometown

Bruno Mars, who headlined Super Bowl XLVIII and made a guest appearance at Super Bowl 50, even offered to curate next year's halftime show, and ensure that one of the biggest nights on TV features an act that represents today's culture and the city. 

The NFL didn't take up Bruno on his offer, and now we're stuck with Maroon 5. But not everyone is bothered by their decision. TMZ recently caught up with RZA, who praised the choice, adding the band's close ties with the hip-hop community over the years, and Levine's previous work with Atlanta-based artist Future. RZA's words of support for the band may not be enough to convince people to come around to this halftime show.