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Bucharest-born Helen has already built a name for herself in her home country as a songwriter for countless local and international acts, but it was only as recently as 2016 that she really stepped out on her own as solo artist. Now she's preparing for the release of her latest single, "Only One", in the wake of some considerable success with recent singles "Down For Love", "Chemistry" and a re-edit of debut single "Tell Me". "Only One" continues her ethereal electro pop sound with airy vocals and a delicate production. To go with it, she's sharing the visuals from director Remy M Ndow and animator Klok Huis, laying out the story of the song, which Helen explains below, in a classic anime style.

Helen explains: "'Only One' is about things we give up in life and sometimes love is one of those things. A story in which all of us play a lead role at some point. I felt like I was haunted by somebody who couldn't make a choice, thus making mine even more difficult to see. And so, it lingered there."