President Kim Kardashian?

That feeling you just felt is the planet tilting slightly on its axis from the force of all the simultaneous cringing.

Though the thought of any Kardashian occupying the White House sounds absurd to most of us, Migos member Offset said he’d enjoy seeing the reality TV star lead the free world. The rapper pointed to Kim’s recent political activism and her push for criminal justice reform.

As most of you know, Kim has been in talks with the Trump administration regarding the current sentencing laws. The 37-year-old was heavily involved in the release of Alice Marie Johnson and is now attempting to secure a pardon for convicted felon Chris Young.

Offset praised Kim for her efforts.

“Hell yeah, I fuck with that shit. I’ve been through that shit,” Offset told TMZ about Kim’s advocacy. “Kim for president, man […] She deserve to be president. Ain’t no other president doin’ that shit […] And she helping’ black folks, so I fuck with that 10,000 times hard.”

You can hear Offset’s full comments above.

The “Taste” rapper also said the public will soon get a glimpse at his newborn daughter, Kulture. He also teased Cardi B’s return to music, claiming she had something in store ... it could arrive in two weeks or maybe two months. Stay tuned.