Kanye West bought his longtime co-conspirator CyHi the Prynce a Bentley.

In a new video shared to Twitter by Team Kanye Daily, the No Dope on Sundays rapper can be seen looking shocked in front of the ultra-luxe vehicle.

“When you a real n*gga, bruh, your n*gga buy you a Bentley,” CyHi said, seemingly still wrapping his head around the surprise gift.

While he hasn’t had a project of his own drop since 2017’s No Dope, the songwriter and G.O.O.D. Music glue had a hand in both Kanye West’s most-recent release and Travis Scott’s Astroworld. It’s probably fair to assume that his name will be somewhere in the credits of whatever Yandhi turns out to be.

When we caught up with him recently, CyHi explained his role in the room.

“It's hard to out-think ten people that’s in an Adele session or any of the major artists,” he said.  “We’re starting to treat rap like that, like it has to be that important...Instead of just having your homeboys from the crib that’s just in there smoking weed, chilling, playing video games, you’d rather put up a flight for a guy like me, that’s going to make sure the shit sounds dope.”

CyHi also recently defended Ye’s decision to appear in a photo with President Donald Trump. That ride or die mentality clearly paid off, in the form of a brand-new, surprise ride.