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Beyoncé recently blessed her fans by updating her website for her birthday (Sept. 4), and of course the Beyhive immediately started to freak out over some of the images included on the new homepage. Among the plentiful new images was one in particular fans latched onto, quickly jumping to the conclusion that it was a tease for her currently unannounced seventh studio album.

The image on the site, a collage that features seven pictures of Beyoncé in front of a sign saying "Coming Soon," has fans speculating that it's an indication that we should expect another new record from Bey sooner rather than later. Bey's last solo effort, Lemonade, arrived early 2016 so it's not too far-fetched to think that she's got something new in the pipeline, but considering her collaborative effort with her husband JAY-ZEverything Is Love, only came out earlier this year in June, fans might be jumping the gun.

Of course, some fans have been eager to point out that she's still currently on tour with JAY supporting Everything Is Love. That hasn't stopped a large number of fans in the Beyhive from speculating and believing that B7 is on the way soon, however.

It definitely leans more on the conspiracy side of speculation, but considering the last three full-lengths Bey has been involved with have all been released with almost zero warning beforehand, there might be something to it.

It's nice to hope for a new Bey record, especially with how great Lemonade was, but let's not get too hasty here.