TJ Porter is the latest rapper/baller to hail from NYC, a place that does both of those things the best. He's relatively new to the rap scene but the 18-year-old—nicknamed Easy Buckets—has been tearing up basketball courts in the city for a couple years now. TJ is so nice, Nike profiled him about growing up and playing ball on the streets of Harlem in a video short a couple weeks ago. He now has his eyes set on a rap career, though, and "Heartless" is his first single and video.

TJ told us via email:

“A lot of people go through phases in life where they feel heartless, I’ve been there before. This song and video sheds some light on why I was in that space.”

TJ has great energy in this vid and he and producer Cormill were able to craft a catchy song. And the same could be said about is track "Tricky" that he dropped last month. Watch out for this kid, New York. He got next.