Do you know the name of your favorite rapper? No, their REAL name? Thanks to this new meme, you might be tempted to find out.

After Twitter user @RidersOvRohan posted the “real name” of Ice Cube a.k.a. Icelandic Cubicle a.k.a. O’Shea Jackson, submissions flooded the timeline.

Rap names are notoriously creative, take 6ix9ine or Ski Mask the Slump God for example, leaving most of us to question where they came from. This new meme reimagines rappers’ names based on their already weird stage names, and puts a comical spin on them. Some of the best include Lil Pump a.k.a. Lillian Pumpernickel (whose real name is actually Gazzy Garcia), Cardi B or Cardigan Backyardigan (whose real name is Becalis Almanzar), and Nas a.k.a. National Aeronautics and Space (his real name is obviously Nasir).

This also exposed some of the unique names rappers actually do have. Someone tried to look up Quavo’s name and discovered it’s actually Quavious, which needs no alteration.

The meme apparently originated in 2014, according to Know Your Meme. It morphed into its modern form thanks to a Reddit thread this week that then took to Twitter.

Rappers are no strangers to the meme treatment. Cardi B made herself a meme on a number of occasions this summer, while Drake is given the meme treatment monthly. I’m pretty sure Bhad Bhabie came out of the womb of a meme, and landed a record deal thanks to one. One of the best memes of the year goes to JAY-Z on a jet ski, depicting how we all really feel this 2018.

Check out some of the hilarious “real names” people gave random rappers below.