Presumably, the original plan was to simply have Ray J's traveling beanie plopped down in front of a mic for an hour-long silent performance art piece on Thursday's Breakfast Club. Alas, that didn't happen. Instead, Ray J joined his beanie—bringing Princess Love and daughter Melody—for a 43-minute discussion on that clip you may have heard a thing or three about. In the clip in question—due to shoddy editing and/or a lack of care for continuity—Ray J's beanie was seen changing positions approximately a trillion times in less than a minute.

"I didn't think the hat was gonna be this viral," Ray J said near the top of the interview, referencing his decision to start selling official Ray J beanies in the wake of that viral Love and Hip Hop moment. "The hat went somewhere other people and other hats just never went."

The beanie featured in the since-memed clip actually came from Ray J's mother's garage. On that particular day of shooting, Ray J explained, he was feeling "insecure" about his hair and decided to wear it. "I felt insecure that day," Ray J said Thursday. "Things was happening and Safaree was not telling me what I needed to know, so it took a minute [to shoot the scene]." Moving the beanie around, he added, is also a great way to "massage your mind."

Throughout the entire Breakfast Club interview, of course, Ray J stayed on-brand by continuing to constantly adjust his beanie. See for yourself via the video up top.