Earlier this year, singer and producer Francesca Lombardo released "Eye Ring", a track promised to be the lead single from her forthcoming debut album. "Eye Ring" was a haunting and ethereal number lead principally by little more than her voice and a delicate piano line. That release was soon followed by a four-track collection of remixes of the track from Martin Buttrich and Tom Adams under the title The Song Remixes. Now that the dust has settled slightly, Lombardo is back with The Dance Remixes (due Aug 3 via Echolette Records, pre-order here), another set of reworkings, this time featuring one of her own alongside efforts from Buttrich and South American duo Guti & Francesco Tristano.

Unlike the original version, Lombardo's new remix catapults the track headlong into the dancefloor with a pounding 4x4 drum and some hypnotic melodies. It's a far cry from the source material, but when taken in the context of Buttrich and Adams' remixes, which stayed largely faithful to the original, it makes a lot more sense as a continuation of the track's evolution, rather than simply 'a dance remix'. Take a listen below and make sure you investigate the other versions to get the full picture.