It's been two years since London duo Alpines (aka Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson) released their 2016 album Another River, their second after 2014's Oasis, and now they're back with news of their third album, Full Bloom (due Nov 16). To test the water, they're teasing out lead single "Out Of View", a dubby, haunting epic that wears its influences proudly on its sleeve. If the new track is any indication, Full Bloom will see Alpines draw on their love of big, room-filling vocalists, regardless of genre. 

Matthews told us via email that "there are tracks that lean more towards Catherine's love of classic singer-songwriters and soul music, and others that are inspired by leftfield producers and rap." Whether it's the soulful power of Aretha Franklin, the smoothness of Erykah Badu or Lauryn Hill, or the raw passion of '90s rave music, they can all be heard on "Out Of View" and, hopefully, Full Bloom as a whole.

Catch Alpines at their show at Rich Mix in London, Nov 15. Grab your ticket and pre-order the album here