Kanye West has been the target of plenty of online roasting in the past year or so, some of it for very legitimate reasons regarding his thoughts on Donald Trump, and some of it for far sillier reasons. When he turned up to 2 Chainz's wedding wearing Yeezy slides too small for him was one of the sillier, and far more amusing moments of his tumultuous year. But now, he's turning the roasting back on everyone, sporting shoes far too big for him.

Coming out of almost nowhere, Kanye debuted the new ultra-large Yeezy slides much to the amusement of everyone on Twitter.

Just hours later, however, he previewed another pair of Yeezys far too big for him. Even if the slides look like they've been stung by bees, it's clear that hypebeasts would still go crazy for them.

It's not clear if this is Kanye going way too far for a joke on Twitter or if he's actually intending to release both of these slides or not, but hey it's good content at least.

When he debuted his tiny slides, he explained how he was wearing them to "Japanese way," where the straps are snug and the heel extending 1 to 2 cm off the sole. These huge slides, however, require no explanation.