At the age of five, North West is already having a major impact on the world of sneakers.

While some of us would die to get our hands on a free pair of butter 350s, Kim Kardashian had to bribe her oldest daughter to wear the sneakers. She recounted the story in a recent tweet, explaining how she lied to North by telling her the shoes glowed in the dark. When a very wise Nori figured out her mom was lying, Kanye decided to make the lie a reality by actually manufacturing some glow-in-the-dark 350s.

There’s no word on when the soon-to-be, highly coveted, glow-in-the dark Yeezys will drop, but hopefully Kanye fulfills his wish to North soon. Sure hypebeasts everywhere will become easy targets at night, walking around the streets in their glowing shoes, but it’ll also become a fun (and/or annoying) addition to nightlife. Just please, for the love of god, don’t wear them in movie theaters.

People on Twitter quickly drooled over not only the new shoes, but the prospect of being bribed to wear 350s at all, and having a father willing to create an epic sneaker at the drop of a hat.

North has already attended a fashion design camp, and wards off paps just like her father, so it’s fair to assume the eldest West child is well on her way to inheriting the Yeezy throne.