YG fans had not one, but two reasons to stay up late Thursday.

In addition to releasing his third studio album, Stay Dangerous, the Compton rapper came through with a guest verse on Jhené Aiko's "Never Call Me" remix. And, we have to admit, YG's flow definitely elevates the laid-back track. He raps:

I'm a L.A. nigga, we do everything for the clout
So we ain't got no problem pullin' up suckin' yo' ass out
6-4 bounce, the flag hang out
Drink a whole fif', smoke a whole ounce
Lookin' like Stacy, off the wood when it's a drought

You can check out the remix—produced by Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco, Frank Dukes, and Amaire Johnson—above. 

The original version featured Philadelphia-born rapper Kurupt, and appeared on Aiko's 2017 studio album Trip