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The evolution of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as an artist and performer can be (and has been) speculated on, examined, and analyzed at length, but one thing we should all agree on is that she is in a category of her own when it comes to the synchronization of art and performance. Her 2016 visual album Lemonade was a massive turning point for both her career and personal perception. The performance she gave at that year’s VMA’s lived up to the standards and weight of the messages on the album. Beyoncé is no stranger to using symbolism within her imagery and songcraft, and this performance was no exception. Lemonade told the complicated story of a marriage, a family, a woman’s inner conflict, the ongoing turmoil of being a black woman in America, and an amalgamation of countless other personal experiences of one of the most influential artists of all time. Beyonce’s 2016 VMA performance was a striking, nuanced encapsulation of that album—and it was damn fun to watch, too. —Nora-Grayce Orosz