Weather these days, with very few exceptions, is unadulterated garbage.

As proof, I offer this: Weather of the inclement variety damn near fucked up a whole stop on Beyoncé and JAY-Z's ongoing On the Run II Tour in East Rutherford, New Jersey Thursday night. Fans were asked to leave their seats due to an impending storm, a move which I hope inspired attendees to simply drink more.

In a subsequent tweeted statement, MetLife Stadium officials said they expected the weather to get the hell out of the way soon, presumably because it finally realized that ruining a B. x JAY show is not a good look. "Attention please: we expect the weather situation to clear shortly," a rep said. "Please standby for further updates. Thank you for your patience." According to Billboard, the show finally got rolling around 11:08 p.m.

"Thank y'all for riding," Beyoncé told the crowd when finally taking the stage. "It's like 1 something in the morning. God bless you. We appreciate you. We love you."

The On the Run II Tour continues Friday with another stop at the MetLife Stadium before hitting Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and more. Inclement weather is not invited.