E-40 has followed the release of his twenty-eighth studio album The Gift of Gab with a video for the album cut “Ain’t Talking Bout Nothin’,” featuring fellow west coast MCs Vince Staples and G Perico.

The visual finds the three California natives sparring in a dimly-lit warehouse, the space only illuminated by neon signs and a car’s headlights. While 40 shows the power of his vocabulary and Perico puts on for South Central, Los Angeles, Staples is undeniable during his verse.

The Gift of Gab is the first of three albums that 40 is set to release this year, as part of The Definition Series. The other two albums, Rule of Thumb and Practice Makes Paper are slated for release in October and December, respectively. Watch the video for “Ain’t Talking Bout Nothin’” above.