Xavier Wulf has returned with the video for his Tay Keith-produced song “Request Refused.”

Shot in Wulf’s new home of Los Angeles, we first see the Memphis native pull up to a house to meet with his plug. The scene is interspersed with him hanging out on the block with his crew and a sword in tow, while talking to girls.

Midway into the video, we’re given a little interlude: a girl colludes with two men to rob Wulf. The girl attempts to drug Wulf's drink for an easier burglary, but he has an inkling that his drink is tainted, so he switches his for hers, and gets back at the men who tried to cross him.

With the song and video, Wulf is just trying to put on for his city, telling Complex, “I’m just tryna give this summer a new Memphis made vibe.”

Check out the Damien Sandoval-video for “Request Refused” above and grab the song on iTunes.