Tyler, the Creator has finally gone all the way in over the punkest song of the year, Playboi Carti's "R.I.P."

Above, enjoy the results of Tyler's latest experiment—titled "TIPTOE"—while fighting in vain to avoid burning your whole fucking house down. Also, if you're convinced there's a diss tucked into these lyrics, Tyler would like you to know that you're wrong. The official lyrics, after all, are included in the goddamn YouTube upload.

An hour and a half later, he dropped "QUARTZ," which Redditors detected is a riff on the interlude on Cherry Bomb's "Blow My Load":

Tyler's recent habit of, as he says, waking up and hopping on the beat of a song he likes is part of what he previously likened to practicing in public. "It's fun, I'm in a pocket," he said earlier this week, specifically shouting out Lil Wayne's Da Drought franchise as an inspiration.

This week alone has also gifted us with the delectable "Potato Salad," featuring frequent collaborator ASAP Rocky, and a Tyler x Silk Money link-up. The Rocky track's Paris-set video also ended with a tease of the supposedly forthcoming WANGSAP project, though Tyler later dumped cool water on the resulting hype, telling fans not to get their hopes up: