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Tyga isn't the least bit bothered by—or otherwise concerned with—Wiz Khalifa's divisive "Hot Now" line about Koreans.

TMZ caught Tyga trying to leave the Il Pastaio Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills Tuesday, prompting a filmed Wiz-based inquiry. "I don't know what you're talking about so I can't speak on it," Tyga, who's of partial Vietnamese descent, told a paid botherer of celebrities. When the Rolling Papers 2-featured line was recited to him, Tyga gave his off-the-cuff assessment: "What's wrong with it?" he said, laughing. "I'm Asian. Wiz my dawg."

Wiz responded to the criticism of the lyric earlier this week, telling The Breakfast Club he's "not a racist" and suggesting those not pleased with the line "chill out" instead. "I love all races," he said. "I have Korean friends who are not offended, so I don't know those people who are saying that."

Meanwhile in Tygaland, he just dropped the official video for his new Iggy Azalea collab "K.R.E.A.M." The track is set to appear on Azalea's upcoming Survive the Summer project, due Aug. 3. "I want to give [fans] the hard shit that they love, the shit that's different, that moves the needle," Azalea told Paper earlier this month. "I hope people will support it."

Tyga also appeared on this week's season premiere of MTV's revamped Celebrity Fear Factor: