I truly wasn't expecting to wake up blessed with some new Sheck Wes, but here we are and I am loving every second of it. I don't even feel like I need to drink any more coffee today.

Below, stream Wes' new Lil Yachty collab/sonic espresso "N****s Ain't Close" via SoundCloud. Also, that is indeed Redda handling production duties.

When dropping off his "Do That" single on Beats 1 back in March, Wes elaborated a bit on what fans can expect with his upcoming Cactus Jack-backed debut MUDBOY. "I kind of want MUDBOY to just be only Sheck Wes and MUDBOY is going to talk about how I became a MUDBOY," he told Zane Lowe at the time. The title, he added, is a reference to "somebody who came from nothing, you know, who turned nothing into something."

Had things line up as originally planned, Wes also would have been a part of the early Wyoming sessions that eventually birthed Kanye West's Ye. "I just came from London a little bit too late, because I had a lot of stuff to do out there," he said. "I don't know, I might still try to go out there."

Earlier this month, Wes was spotted among the supergroup of artists and producers that have assembled in Hawaii to put what are presumably the finishing touches on Travis Scott's long-teased AstroWorld project.