Unsurprisingly, Rick Ross still loves pears.

In a new interview with Tim Westwood, the two reminisce on their important conversation from 2014 about pears, where Ross divulged the reason behind his weight loss success: through exercise and a healthier diet, a.k.a. “pears now and shit like that.” The clip went viral.

In the new interview, the two looked back at that moment and the influence pears have had in Ross’ career. “Everywhere I went for the next year...” Ross said, as Westwood chimed in, “In dressing rooms, I would see pears.”

“Still to this day, I go to the club…” Ross continued.

“Pears,” Westwood said, finishing Rozay’s sentence.

“They bring the bottles and the pears. No doubt. That’s when they know what they really doing,” he said, adding, “That’s when they want me to stay there longer than they pay me to. That’s when the love comes out.”

Westwood even joked that he thinks his first tattoo is going to be of a pear, to which Ross agreed, saying he would get one too—though that very well could not be a joke.