Raj Mahal is bringing something truly different to Australian hip-hop. The Sydney based rapper fuses bars with elements of punk and electronic, making for a sound that’s perfectly suited for mosh pits. His unique, ravenous style has landed him on stage with the likes of Wiley, and opening slots for superstars such as Migos. In this new video for his song “Cake”, Raj Mahal opens the floodgates for worldwide success, all while foreshadowing the end of the world as we know it.

Teaming up with filmmaker Zain Ayub, “Cake” is a journey into a post-apocalyptic universe full of 808s and dangerous behaviour. Raj Mahal perfectly matches the distortion of the beat and his death-hungry delivery with a primal acting performance, creating for some true instances of horror. The song itself is minimal in layers but maximal in sound, suiting the isolated rage of the visuals. It’s a style that can be compared to rappers like Danny Brown, but Raj Mahal’s focused, unique ambitions play a part in creating a lane of his own.

Watch the video for “Cake” above, and look out more from Raj Mahal soon.