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Few labels are quite as consistent as LuckyMe. Despite taking us through a never-ending and eclectic list of subgenres and sounds over the years, there's something indefinable that makes you sit up and take notice every time there's a new drop. Unsurprisingly, the upcoming Lil Plasma EP from Inkke — who helms the label's monthly Rinse FM show — looks no different with its fusion of UK and US undergrounds.

Taking its inspiration from Inkke's time spent living between New York and Glasgow, that hybrid isn't new territory for him (if you remember, his F.W.D.K mixtape from 2014 was just one of many love letters to Memphis), but it's sounding better than ever—particularly on lead track "Dassi". Here, choppy grime rhythms collide with the Dirty South bounce Inkke is so enamored with for something that's both transatlantic and thoroughly Scottish.

Inkke's Lil Plasma EP drops July 20. Pre-order it here