When Erick Morillo teamed up with Andrew Cole and Kylee Katch for his single "Cocoon" earlier this year, it quickly became a fan favourite and a surefire weapon for the dancefloor. While the thirst is still very much alive for this track, Morillo's decided to capitalise on that by linking up with renowned New York City producer and selector Harry Romero to put a different spin on the track. As Morillo explains below, the pair opted to call on NY's long and storied history with house music, even specifically citing the legendary Masters At Work as key influences.

"When Harry Romero and I got together in the studio," Morillo explained to us via email, "I wanted to create something old school, with an old school feel mixed in with the current energy. I wanted to bring back the sound from the Masters At Work days but with a punch and keeping the Subliminal underground feel. One of my favorite remixes I've worked on recently."

The Erick Morillo and Harry Romero remix of "Cocoon" drop July 23 via Subliminal.