There's no denying DJ Cameo's well-earned status in the UK music industry. As a producer, DJ and radio host, DJ Cameo has been championing UK underground culture for more than a little while now. That long career has taken him on quite a journey, far beyond the confines of the UKG sound he cut his teeth on. Now he's making a return to those early days with a brand new project and a series of solo singles to be released via Charlie Sloth's Grimey Limey label, the first of which is "24 Hours" with Jazzie Martian (out now). The new single is a classic 2-steppy garage number with bouncy rhythms and a plenty of quotables from Jazzie Martian. Not only that, but the video doubles down on those UKG references with bold animated style that's soaked in late '90s and early '00s memories.

"I wanted to kick this project off by paying homage to the old skool era of UK garage," Cameo explained to Complex via email. "The first notable track I co-produced was 'Hi Grade" with J Sweet while working at Uptown Records. With '24 Hours' I decided to take it back to the very early days of my career and the sounds that influenced me when I first started my journey."