Queen Ciara is back with new tune, “Level Up”, and has collaborated with superstar New Zealand choreographer and creative director Parris Goebel to create another classic music video.

True to Ciara’s back catalogue, the music video is a slick dance-focused production, featuring Parris’ choreography. The on-screen is action is delivered flawlessly by the Request Dance Crew, famous for their work in other Parris productions including Jason Derulo’s “Swalla” and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and “No Sense”.

Proving she’s a girl of many talents, Parris also directed and edited the video. Speaking to Complex Australia, Parris tells us that working with Ciara was a “dream come true” and a “really special moment”.

This video has undoubtedly cemented her position as one of the world’s top choreographers, and Parris takes neither the title or this project lightly. “Music and dance is so powerful, I am so honoured to be able to create moments like this,” she says.

Like so many of us, Parris remembers being mesmerised by Ciara growing up. Unlike the rest of us though, she probably nailed the “1,2 Step” without breaking a sweat. “I remember watching the “Goodies” video as a little girl and trying to learn the moves, wishing I was in it,” says Parris. “She is an artist that really put dance in the forefront and kills it.”

When Ciara uploaded a photo alongside Bruno Mars during the New Zealand leg of her tour, and only a day later popped up on Parris’ Instagram account, fans were speculating as to what the singer was doing in NZ. We now know she was in NZ to shoot with Parris and the Request Crew.

The video was secretly filmed in the Auckland War Memorial Museum’s foyer, before Bey and Jay famously shut down the Louvre for “Apeshit”.

Similar to The Carters, this project was successfully kept under wraps for “about three months,” but in that time Parris was also busy with releasing her autobiography “Young Queen”, her family’s “Sisters United” foundation, and her work as a World Vision ambassador.

In “Level Up”, Ciara gives further nods to Australasia, with the Request girls flexing the ‘Electra’ pant from Melbourne-based label I AM GIA, and ‘The Bird’ sunglasses from New Zealand’s iconic Karen Walker.

The video has had over three million views already, and Parris and the Request Dance Crew have been inundated with comments and DMs from all over the world. “The love and support has been so overwhelming, and I’m so happy that this video has had the effect we hoped for,” she says.

It’s no surprise that the video has been so well received, and thanks to Cici we can all say bye to Keke and the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, opting instead for the #LevelUpChallenge.

2018 isn’t over yet for Parris, who has “so many exciting projects in the works, but all very confidential.”

Until those drop, we’ll be practicing our #LevelUpChallenge moves.