Canadian rock band Metric have released the first song from their upcoming album. Titled “Dark Saturday,” the track is filled with heavy, distortion-drenched guitars and noticeably edgier than the band's previous synth-pop releases.

“This is our seventh album as a band”, says frontwoman Emily Haines, “and we wanted the first song people heard from it to be “Dark Saturday” as a sonic heads up that our guitars are back in force. Lyrically, the song depicts a dystopian night life scene of gaudy wealth where oblivious party girls say nauseating things like, “I’m so rich everything’s free.”

The song's newly shared video was directed by Toronto-based photographer and videographer Justin Broadbent and was shot entirely on an iPhone X.

“The band and I agreed that shooting on an iPhone would be a good way to immediately connect a visual style to the authentic feeling of this record”, says Broadbent of the just-released video. “Because it was a ‘run and gun’-style video, we needed our footprint to be tiny and quick but the video quality still needed to be high. I think this also let the band relax, not having a huge camera and lights around while allowing me the freedom to try things on the fly. Even the design of the final video looks like four separate screens magically lining up together.”

“Dark Saturday” is the Canadian indie rock band’s first new release since their 2015 LP, Pagans in Vegas.

Metric’s as-of-yet-untitled album drops on September 21st. You can check out the music video for ‘Dark Saturday’ above.