Being healthy is actually, ya know, cool. Though I like to inundate my body with as many near-poisons as possible on a daily basis just as much as the next lush, there's also a certain magic to those days when you feel mega-hydrated and full on kale smoothies and whatnot.

For Jeezy, that feeling comes from his dedication to running. Wednesday morning, for example, the Snowman himself hit a 10K alongside Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms. The AJC Peachtree Road Race, however, isn't just a standard runners gathering. In fact, it stands as the biggest 10K on the planet.

Jeezy and Mayor Bottoms linked up for the race with a goal of contributing $1 million to a selection of nonprofits, including Jeezy's own Street Dreamz Foundation. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jeezy—who received some pre-10K tips from Olympian Bernard Lagat—ultimately finished the course in just over an hour.

In a pre-race interview with GQ, Jeezy broke down his fairly recent dedication to the fit life and outlined the changes he's made in his personal diet that ultimately helped him lose 60 pounds. Still, Jeezy is a big proponent of treating yourself with a full-on cheat day after you've nailed a week of fitness-conscious living. "My thing? Bloody Marys and pizza," he revealed, unknowingly striking me with immediate hunger.