BEASTMODE 2 arrived as a surprise Friday, finally giving Future and Zaytoven fans the long-teased sequel to their classic 2015 mixtape. In the ensuing hours, we've learned quite a bit about the concise nine-track project's development, including how it originated as a 100-song batch of contenders. As expected, the final product is great.

Now, another layer to the BEASTMODE 2 release strategy is being dissected: the drop date. As you've likely been seeing on your timeline since the tape hit streaming services, July 6 also marks the anniversary date of Ciara and Russell Wilson, who married back in 2016. Future and Ciara, of course, used to be a thing.

The project (briefly known as I'm Good Luv, Enjoy and no that's not a joke) was possibly meant to drop on the Fourth of July. A since-edited version of that expansive Zaytoven interview with Fader stated July 4 as the release date. Now, that article lists July 5. On Tuesday, July 3, a Zaytoven rep hit up Complex about the possibility of putting together "a piece on Zaytoven regarding he and Future dropping Beast Mode 2 at midnight on Thursday, July 5th (technically, July 4th)."

After we reached out for clarity regarding the date, the rep hit us with this:

 "I actually was told it would release at midnight on Thursday, which I originally thought was basically the night of the 4th, so I was incorrect."

As far as any lyrical clues go, we'll leave that expedition up to the listener. Coincidence or otherwise, it does appear BEASTMODE 2 was initially slated for a different drop date, so what gives? If TMZ is to be believed, Future actually bumped the date because he "didn't want to compete or mess with" Drake's Scorpion numbers. Their sources insist there was "no ill will" meant in choosing July 6, adding that Future hasn't really paid attention to Ciara and Russell-related developments.

I have no idea what to make of any of this, but you can peruse some tweets about the July 6 connection below.