“Soon as the album drop, I’m out of the deal,” Drake raps on the Scorpion track “Is There More.” The shocking line seems to indicate that Drizzy’s record contract with Cash Money and its Lil Wayne-founded imprint Young Money—a deal that dates back to 2009—may finally be at an end.

There was plenty of speculation about this leading up to Scorpion, with industry insiders claiming that the project would conclude Drake’s eight-album deal with the label. That number hasn’t been confirmed, and there have been conflicting reports about which of the rapper’s albums would actually count towards the total. But no matter how you count it, it seems likely that Drake’s 2009 contract may finally be fulfilled.

Drake and Cash Money is a pairing that has not always been easy. There have been lawsuits, subliminal disses, and mysterious SoundCloud drops aplenty. Here are the highlights.