Cardi B has hopped to her own defense on Instagram after facing criticism for calling herself the "King Of New York."

On Friday, Lil Yachty released his single "Who Want the Smoke?" featuring Cardi B and Offset. Cardi raps on the track, "The fur on my shoulder mink/ Tell me what Hov would think/ I get money, I am the king of New York/ And I rock a sew-in weave."

Cardi received some criticism for claiming this title from a few people, including Funk Flex. On Friday, he tweeted, "Hahaha! A below average rapper that doesn’t write could never be King or Queen of NY! #JustMyOpinion BIGGIE/JAYZ/NAS BUILT THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THAT TITLE!"

Cardi B clapped back with the perfect response in a couple short Instagram videos on Friday. The rapper said, "What is y'all niggas mad about? Did I say I was the best rapper from New York? No. Does this shit gotta do with rapping? No. I know street niggas and street bitches that feel like they the king and queen of New York. Why can't I feel like I'm a king of New York? Every single time I go to my city people cheer me on, people show me so much love, people show me so much support and it has nothing to do with this rapping."


Let me be a King in peace 😂😂😂😩😩😩who want the smoke !!

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In a seriously amazing move, she then put a lampshade on her head and declared herself the emperor of New York.


Anyways go check out WHO WANT THE SMOKE !!! ...

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All hail Emperor Cardi.