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Rachael Wagner, the mother of Boosie Badazz's daughter Torianna, went on Instagram Live Sunday to accuse the rapper of threatening domestic violence against their child and killing her brother.

Boosie, whose real name is Torrence Hatch, later responded to the accusations in his own Instagram Live video. In the livestream, he attempted to discredit Wagner’s claims by bringing up her sexual history and legal troubles. According to him, she’s been arrested several times for theft, and their daughter has been exposed to drugs through her side of the family.

Wagner used their daughter's Instagram account to air an alleged audio recording of Boosie threatening to kill her and black Tori's eye. In the recording of a heated phone conversation between the two parents, the rapper threatens to “put a bag on her,” presumably threatening Wagner's life. When she asks Badazz how he made Tori cry, he explains that he’s removing their daughter from his will. She also asks if he called their daughter a “bitch.” He doesn’t respond to the question, but says, “I’m gonna black her fucking eye when I see her.”

Hatch and Wagner had a legal battle last year over custody of their then nine-year-old, after Wagner claimed he refused to return their daughter. The case was thrown about by a judge. 

Before airing the audio, she opened up about the murder of her brother, claiming Boosie is responsible for his death. “Even though he got acquitted,” she said, “because, you know, it ain’t what the streets have, they go by what you can prove.”

In his own post, Boosie doesn’t address the murder or the audio recording directly, and it’s unclear if any legal issues will arise from this messy back and forth.