After finding success on SoundCloud, Broward County, Florida native BamSavage is gearing up to release his major debut with Republic Records. In advance of his first project with the label, he’s now dropped off the video for the song “Feelings Aside.”

In the beginning of the visual, we see the 19-year-old hanging out of the window of a moving police car, then later rapping  from the top of that police car, a cargo car, and even while hanging off the side of a building. The video then takes a turn, matching the song’s dark and gritty lyrics: BamSavage is shot by the authorities. “I already died. I cannot feel a thing inside,” he raps over the woozy beat.

“I was in an unhealthy relationship with a girl,” he says of the story behind “Feelings Aside.” “We were in love with each other, but we knew it wasn’t going to last. We were basically using each other, because I was homeless. I needed a place to sleep. She would let me stay at her parents’ house. I would sneak in the kitchen and eat all the food while everyone was sleeping. We would fight all the time. We both decided it was better off with us not being a couple, but we both still hung out, fucked, and she let me stay at the crib. We just put our feelings to the side. It worked out so much better that way!”

He adds, “I want people to feel my pain and feel my joy... I hope to use this platform to express however I feel. I’m excited for everyone to live my life with me through the music and the visuals.”