A lot has been said of 6ix9ine's recent robbery incident. Over the weekend, 6ix9ine—who pleaded guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance back in 2015—alleged that the incident was "an inside job" that left him with "concussion trauma to the head."

Now, in a new interview with Pvnch from ThisIs50, 6ix9ine has elaborated further on how he felt during the alleged encounter. "Bro, so I'm in the backseat of the car, right?" he said. "I'm like, yo, if I don't get out of this car, I'm gonna die. I'm pleading with the n****. I'm like, yo, I got a two-year-old at home and I don't got nothing on me . . . It's 5 a.m."

6ix9ine added that, while he was talking to the individual in question, he was thinking of XXXTentacion, who was murdered last month in Florida. "So I'm telling the n**** like, yo, and I'm talking but in my head I'm like, yo, [XXXTentacion], I know what [type of person he] was. N**** [would have been], like, 'Shoot me right now I ain't giving nothing up.' I'm like, is that more important than family? Is that more important than life? Is that more important than love, another chance? None of this shit more important. I could die today and do I die happy?"

Through the entire incident, he claimed, X was in his head. "I just thought about X and I knew he was watching over me, you know?" he said. "It was God, you know what I'm saying?" 6ix9ine posted about X on Monday, explaining how his situation was similar to his.

As previously noted, 6ix9ine's public account of the incident differs from the one he gave to police. However, according to TMZ, investigators—who have since obtained surveillance footage showing part of the incident—are treating this as a real case, i.e. not a publicity stunt.

6ix9ine has also been added to Nicki Minaj and Future’s upcoming NickiHndrxx Tour.