Bobby Brown isn't the only one angry about Pusha's new album art— his sister Tina's pretty displeased about Kanye West using her photo of Whitney Houston’s bathroom now serving as the Daytona cover art, too.

According to The Blast, Tina Brown sold the rights of the now infamous photo to the National Enquirer in 2006. “Kanye West did not purchase the picture from me or my son,” she said. Unfortunately for Brown, having this image resurface all over the internet due to Kanye’s creative choice to use it for Push has brought about some bad memories. 

“During the time the picture was taken, in 2006, my sister Whitney and I were at a very low and self-destructive point in our lives, it was not only her mess, it was mine as well,” she said. “Together, she and I decided to take the pictures in the bathroom and share with the world, the pain we were going through…it was a united cry for help.”

“The public attention and speculation, brought on by Kanye’s broadcasted purchase of that picture and usage have opened old wounds,” she said. Brown is curious “why he feels the picture is significant to him, at this time.”

For Tina Brown, it isn’t merely the notion of having to relive these painful experiences once more that gives her trouble, but the notion that the public might think she secretly took this photo of Whitney’s bathroom to shame or exploit her. She’s adamant that taking that photo was “not at all a betrayal of one another.” While some might think otherwise, Brown wants to make this crystal clear. “Throughout that chaotic time and unit her death, Whitney and I remained the best of friends and sisters.” 

Unfortunately, art is often a painful experience—either for the creator, the audience, or both. It’s absolutely warranted that Brown feels the way she does, and at the same time, completely creatively understandable that Kanye felt this was the best possible album cover for Pusha’s new album. As it stands, Daytona is out—there’s no going back. Unless, of course, this snowballs into a legal battle that results in the album’s physical copies changing the cover entirely. We’ll just have to wait and see.