According to TMZ, Trey Songz is being sued by a Detroit cop who claims that the 33-year-old singer punched his face with a closed fist in late 2016.

The alleged event happened on December 28, 2016 at Joe Louis Arena, and it was there that Sgt. Robert Avery says he was working crowd control at a Songz concert. While onstage, Trey reportedly said "if a n**** cut me off I'm goin' the fuck crazy," which was a reference to the stage lighting being shut down because the performance went on for too long. In response, Songz then chucked a bunch of equipment off stage, prior to jumping off it himself. One of the things he threw was a microphone stand, which allegedly hit a photographer who has also brought forth his own lawsuit.

Avery says he attempted to arrest the rapper, but he was resisted and got punched in the face in the process. Avery claims he then fell and struck his head on concrete. He reports that he sustained injuries as a result, which included: a forehead contusion, swelling to his right temple, and visible bruising, in addition to injuring his hip.

He further alleges that Trey said "Fuck you cracker. White motherfucker. Fuck all you honkeys and fuck the police."

For the alleged transgression(s) Songz was given the following charges: assaulting, resisting, obstructing a police officer, and aggravated assault. The singer previously pleaded guilty to two counts of disturbing the peace. The singer also apparently flipped off the camera when he was getting his mugshot taken