A good Soundtrack To My Life feature should, like a good DJ, take you into unexpected realms. This series wasn't just started to find out their favourite records, it should tell us surprising things about that artist; it should broaden our horizons and maybe even sometimes trigger our own memories from those formative years. Of the many artists we've profiled here over the years, few have hit all those marks quite as well as house DJ and MC Tom Zanetti, whose new single, "Make It Look Good", is out today.

Scroll down below and you'll see that his selections—which range between reggae, NY hip-hop, pop, indie, swing and even opera—are eclectic to say the least. Each of these selections takes us straight to a specific moment of time: through Sinatra and Martin we're taken to Tom's Italian heritage, via Eminem and Biggie we get to see his teenage rebellion, and through obscure Ukranian DJ Egor Boss we get a glimpse of Zanetti: the selector, soundtracking your wild hedonism. We couldn't have asked for more.


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