Director: Coodie Simmons,Chike Ozah
Album: The College Dropout

Kanye's major solo debut to the world came in Polaroid snapshot form in the video for "Through The Wire." The idea was conceived after Kanye saw an adidas ad in Blackbook magazine back in 2003. It all starts off in Original Leon's in Chicago, but cuts to gritty personal footage of Kanye. The footage is of 'Ye in intensive care after a near-fatal car accident left him with his jaw wired shut gives an idenity to the song recorded only two weeks after the wreck.

The clips of Kanye performing on-stage, in the studio, and a montage of his production credits gave him the perfect introduction to the industry as a solo artist. There's home videos filtering throughout the visuals, including clips featuring his mother Donda West. The nostalgic sample of Chaka Khan makes the video more personal, and at the end, 'Ye personally thanks her with a kiss to the shot of her poster.