Director: Takashi Murakami
Album: Graduation

One of the few music videos to ever be shown in multiple museums, "Good Morning" actually toured alongside the Takashi Murakami store that saw the Museum of Contempory Art in L.A. and the Brooklyn Museum in New York open up pop-up Louis Vutton shops in-yes-museums, which is what happens when Kanye chooses an artist to work with (the same art-market hype exploded when George Condo did the cover for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy). Murakami's art is incredible from a still viewpoint, but when presented in the form of his few full-length cartoon features, it practically explodes off the screen.

But how would he animate 'Ye? He wouldn't: Kanye brought back his beloved Dropout Bear character for what would turn out to be the last time in this clip. It was the first and only fully animation we'd ever need to see of the iconic mascot.