Director: Chris Milk
Album: The College Dropout

Kanye's "All Falls Down" takes him on a run through the Ontario International Airport following his girlfriend, played by Clueless' Stacey Dash. For a song that focuses on insecurities and society's fascination with material wealth, Kanye's first person visual perspective creates an ideal visual. You'll watch Dash ask him for cash, a little kid get mustard all over Ye's shirt, and reflections of the rapper in the tinted windows of his car.

While most of the video shows Kanye running in slow motion through the airport just to bring his girl to the gates, he ends up in the bathroom where he raps one of his best verses on the disllusionment with the American Dream. There's plenty of cameos in the 4-minute video including Common, Consequence, Kel Mitchell, Syleena Johnson, and GLC. But no cameo is better than Ye's jaw implant when he puts himself through the metal detector.