Nicki Minaj is fresh off the release of her single “Bed,” featuring Ariana Grande, and recently went on Instagram to soak up the success. After dropping last week, the song has topped the urban charts, prompting Nicki to share a celebratory video taken during the music video shoot.

Nicki said she was waiting "for the internet police & dance experts to voice their misplaced anger thru their KEYBOARDS," and shortly after posting the clip, haters swarmed. “Nicki with a numb booty,” one user wrote. “You Too Stiff,” wrote another. Both users, as The Shade Room pointed out, faced the rapper’s wrath as a result.

“@xoxo_tlolaaaa and you too pressed, too mad, too ugly & forehead too big,” Nicki clapped back. “Gtfo my page. I'm living my best life on vacation & BED IS THE #1 added song on urban radio this week. Now suck my DICK. ITS TOO GOOD!”

The other user got called "a raccoon with a receding hair line." Again flexing about her vacation, Onika asked, "Would u like me to purchase a few of them wigs so u can go on one too? nah its love sis."

The poet behind "Your as don’t move tho. Why?" made it out unscathed. A Barb did wisely chime in, "Dumbass hoes don't even know that Nicki's not twerking, she's dutty wining. Smh. Uneducated hoebags needa shut TF up on shit they know nothing about. Only Caribbean gyals can speak on this."


Nicki and Ariana just shared another single, “The Light Is Coming,” too. Nicki’s Queen album drops on Aug. 10, while Ari's Sweetener comes out Aug. 17.