Kid Capri and Funkmaster Flex, two of hip-hop's most prominent veterans, have started taking shots on social media.

Capri responded to Funkmaster Flex on his Instagram, filming himself shrouded in a hood, saying, "You talkin' greasy? You the best from the city? You gonna have to prove it to me now." Tagging Flex in the post, he doesn't seem afraid of diving head first into beef with the Hot 97 DJ.

In the clip, he continues, “Now, you got a wall you got to run through. Kid Capri. I’m calling you out. I want all the smoke. Do what you got to do […] we still family and I still love you to death, but you need a spanking. You talk too crazy and I’m gonna shut you up.”

Capri then called out Flex for picking on DJ Clue and the "less ferocious DJs" that don't bother him. "Come see me," he stated. 


Flex responded not too long after, posting a screenshot of their iMessage back and forth. "I don't have to answer to u EVER," he wrote on Instagram.


"I SEE YOU PUTTING UP OUR TEXT CONVO ON SOME SNEAKY SHIT!!!," Capri wrote in the caption for his next response. "Make sure you put up the whole convo, lolol lame!!!! Make sure You tell your radio fans that every time you got on stage after me, trying to do my fast changing records shit, YOU GOT BOOED!!!! MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM THAT KID CAPRI TEXTED YOU LIKE A MAN TODAY AND YOU SAID THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING TO ME."


He then called Flex a "strip club DJ."

Neither side has let up on the beef since it started, either, with Capri posting more videos. In one, he attempts to expose him for stealing his phrase, "This is how New York sounds like, this the sound."



Capri posted another video of Flex performing a DJ set and calling him a "wack ass fraud." He continues, "IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BATTLE< THEN YOU ARE FINISHED IN THIS TOWN!!!! YOUR FINISHED ANYWAY!!!! But at least fight back!!!"


After more memes, Capri had another message for Flex, addressing how he abused his Hot 97 platform throughout his career and why he shouldn't have disrespected him. "Are we going to battle or what?" he said.

Flex hasn't been going in quite as hard as Capri has been, but he did call him out for not having enough money to battle.

Capri, who fired back earlier today, exposed Flex once again for running his month in his IG DMs.


It's unclear what caused the two to go after each other, but it's clear Capri won't be letting up anytime soon.