Jay Rock's J. Cole-featuring Redemption single "OSOM," detailing the difficulties of fame, now has an official video directed by Dave Free (of the Little Homies) and Jack Begert.

Earlier this week, Rock detailed the vibes of the dual Redemption x Black Panther soundtrack sessions and revealed that Future's contribution to "King's Dead" was a complete surprise. Revisit that in full here, and/or just watch the new "OSOM" video up top now.


"Basically I didn't even know he had the Future verse," Rock told the Breakfast Club Tuesday about that aforementioned Future awesomeness. "I did my verse and then I went out and came in and Future on this motherfucker." Jay Rock and fellow Top Dawg artist Kendrick Lamar were working on Redemption and Black Panther simultaneously, which inspired Lamar to give "King's Dead" to Rock. At first, however, Rock thought Pulitzer Kenny was working on something else entirely.

"He was like 'I'm working on this Black Panther project,'" Rock recalled. "I'm like 'Black Panther'? Man, what you doing? Some revolutionary type shit? What's going on? Talk to me.'"

As for "OSOM," Rock detailed his dream Cole collab setup to Complex just last week. "I always wanted to do a record called 'The Three J's,' because you got me, Jay Rock, you got J. Cole, and you got JAY-Z," he said while clarifying some Hov-related comments that were recently reported out of context.

Redemption—which Rock believes gives fans an honest look at "the real Jay Rock"—is out now everywhere. Absolutely do not sleep on it.