Shortly before the Jackson Hole-set premiere of Kanye West's new album Ye, G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha-T hit the tweets to claim that Drake—with whom he's, um, not cool—had $100,000 "floating around" in an effort to procure dirt.

Two songs into Thursday night's listening event, that number made another appearance. In "Yikes," an E! News and DMT-referencing Mike Dean co-production, West laments a $100,000 hospital stay and expresses his fear that friends can be swayed toward betrayal by the same amount of money:

Ayyy, hospital bed a hundred bands, fuck a watch
Hundred grand'll make your best friends turn to opps
I hear y'all bringin' my name up a notch
Guess I just turned the clout game up a notch

The hospital mention could be interpreted as a nod to West's 2016 Pablo-era hospitalization and the unfortunate fact that feckless pieces of shit are always willing to leak celebrity medical info in exchange for a financial boost. However, given the timing of Pusha's tweet and West's tendency to continue tweaking his work up until the last possible second, the lyrics could just as easily be West's way of slyly speaking on Drake. There's also the off chance the lines are an even slyer nod to the Kardashian/Jenner inner circle, perhaps in reference to friends of wife Kim Kardashian and/or anyone who understandably rejected him for his Trump co-sign.

$100,000 or not, Pusha has a totally zen state of mind with regards to a possible Drake response to his "Story of Adidon" diss. "Ain't no skeletons with me," he told Big Boy Thursday. "I don't have none."

West's album, which unfortunately fails to offer any real context to all the controversial statements he said last month, hit streaming outlets early Friday with cover art shot by West mere hours earlier. The cover art was finalized while West was on his way to that aforementioned Jonah Hill-attended listening event. Will we get more insight on Drake and/or Trump with next week's 'Ye x Cudi collab project? Stay tuned.