Sadly, Pusha-T does not make a surprise appearance in the new trailer for Drake's Scorpion.

Still, the Moderat-soundtracked glimpse at Drake's fifth studio album does a damn good job of setting the mood for the shape of music to come. With the German house trio's 2013 II opener "The Mark  (Interlude)" coursing through each frame, this tease basically feels like a Drake-ier version of, say, a really short Paul Thomas Anderson movie about a singer who battles loneliness with expensive cars and even more expensive houses. There's also a palpable "Clapping for the Wrong Reasons" vibe going on here. In other words, I'm suddenly very stoked for Scorpion.

Last week, we decided to use one of our headlines to publicly wonder aloud what, exactly, the fuck Drake's new Scorpion billboards were all about. A few eagle-eyed readers promptly pointed out that Drake's Scorpion billboards were probably related to the impending release of Drake's Scorpion, which is no doubt a fine observation. But, seriously, what were they about? Are we about to get a Drake song titled "Don't Hit Me When You Hear This," or is the phrase that popped up on a billboard in Toronto alongside "A Side, B Side" and others merely carefully curated lyrical excerpts? As with any other time a question mark appears multiple times in a single paragraph, the truth is I have absolutely no idea.

We'll know soon enough, as Scorpion is set to hit streaming services this Friday.