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DJ Muggs and Meyhem Lauren just released the Frozen Angels EP as the follow-up to their 11-track Gems From The Equinox album of 2017. 

The world-renowned Cypress Hill DJ and Queens MC Meyhem Lauren—who you might know from his friend Action Bronson’s VICELAND show, Fuck That’s Delicious—made sure to have a music video for the EP’s titular track ready, too. As you can tell, the video has a grimy lo-fi aesthetic to it, reminiscent of something you might encounter on a late night or early morning TV bender long before the internet was mainstream. 

You can tell from the jump that Muggs doesn’t adapt to whatever current standard in hip-hop production might be poppin’—he brings his style to us, and delivers those raw, gray, sunless sonics to the table at which Lauren sits down to chow down the competition. Lyrically, this is comprised of street life stories and overcast memories, with Lauren’s commanding voice challenging any and all locals to square up and see what’s what. 

These two aren’t fucking around like some other folks might when it comes to a seemingly simple EP release—in addition to dope cover art, eight substantial tracks, and a music video, you can get an exclusive, limited edition vinyl package through Soul Assassins, as well as stream the whole thing immediately above, or through all your standard digital channels