In the battle of Drake and Pusha-T, there have been more than a few bystanders caught up in the blows: Kanye West, Drake’s alleged son, and Drake’s father, Dennis Graham. In his explosive “The Story of Adidon,” Pusha-T went for Dennis’s jugular with lines that attacked him as a father (“You father walked away at five—hell of a dad thing”) and his fashion sense (“Monkey-suit Dennis, you parade him/A Steve-Harvey suit n***a made him”).

Drake has mostly kept quiet about those bars ever since the track dropped, but his dad has been more responsive, calling out Wendy Williams for commenting on his son’s feud. Today, Dennis again provoked the feud—which, if you believe J. Prince, will end with Pusha-T’s track—after being asked what he thinks of Pusha-T by TMZ

“Who?” Dennis said when asked about the rapper. “I don’t know Pusha-T, I don’t know anything about anybody named Pusha-T, and if I did I would push the ’t.’”

It’s fairly obvious he’s putting up a front—he at least knew who Pusha-T was when he dragged Wendy Williams for speaking on his name—but if Drake really won’t bite, then the fake aloofness is definitely in keeping with the whole.